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2011 TUNES "Whacked"

Belle Isle Rats works of this era are MEDLEY's (a group of songs) and are meant to be listened to as such.

However, if you would prefer to hear them as single songs, please listen on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc ...

11/30 Overture/Bad Haircut/If Elvis Wasn't Dead/TechnoEnforcinator/Bowl With You/Wacked/Oh How I Love to Fail!/Blow Stuff UpBelle Isle Rats

Bad Haircut

There you go lookin' like you just fell

face first into a tackle box

You're a walkin', talkin' Jackson Pollock painting

From the school of soft knocks


Hey man, hey man

I'm talkin' to you

with the bad haircut

Hey man, hey man

I'm talkin' to you, you


Aren't you're the one who complains about the seating

on the lifeboat that just saved your butt

You're in a hallway with a thousand open doors

but then you whine about the two that are shut




You're so crazy

and individual

Just like everybody else


Chump, chump

Chump, chump

ooh, Don't be a chump

ooh, Don't be a chump now

Be a chump, be a chump, be a chump, yeah




You're so crazy

and individual

Just like everybody else





If Elvis Wasn’t Dead

His girth would be intense

He'd have a list of ailments

He'd be singing "Don't Be Cruel" while he's wearin' Depends

He might be more complacent

Since the hip replacement

Whoa, If Elvis wasn't dead


He'd stand in line for something free

and drive a Mercury Marquis

He might even be a spokesman for the AARP

On a couch at Graceland snoozin'

Computers would confuse him

Whoa, if Elvis wasn't dead


Heartbreak Hotel is now a Comfort Inn

Viva Las Vegas has alot more sin

Rock and roll's been shipped out to the hood

Since Elvis left the building, for good


He wouldn't care about reviews

'cause he'd have an attitude

And Dr Scholl's inserts in his blue suede shoes

He'd show up at the Oscars

In his robe and boxers

Whoa, If Elvis wasn't dead


"take it away, Jerry ..."




Well, If he knew how much things cost

It would really piss him off

and if you stopped to say hello he probably tell you to get lost

He'd be the King of all curmudgeons

and he would not be budging

Whoa, If Elvis wasn't dead

Yeah, if Elvis wasn't dead

Yeah, if Elvis wasn't dead



He was watching when you told everybody

what you had for dinner, on Twitter


He was there when you bragged about your awesome day 

on your Facebook page


You weren't alone when you whipped out your smartphone

in the middle of a conversation

with a real person

Every use of BFD, LOL and OMG

He was there to see   


He's come to save the world

From incivility

He wants to turn us back

into real human beings

So throw your phone away

Shut the computer off

and do it sooner than later

Lest you incur the wrath of



He'll make a note of every stupid little joke you forward

and every pet video


It did not go unnoticed, that hostile stuff you posted

with your political views




He's coming for you Mac Store dwellers

Got his sites set on every Fry's

He's the masked, tech etiquette super hero

And he wants to send all offenders

to that great die-fi hotspot

up in the sky




Bowl With You

Oh I would follow you up to the Northwest Territories

or any other place like that on the earth

Because my darling with the Judas Priest tattoo

for whatever it's worth

I've a desire that's true


And if you travel to the former Soviet Union

and drink chilled vodka while hanging out in Red Square

Oh my love I'll simply do what it takes to meet up with you there

'cause I just wanna bowl with you


and if you prove elusive I'll hire a private investigator

to help in tracking you down

If you travel down to South Africa

and enjoy a tropical drink on a beach in Cape Town

I won't stop my pursuit


And if you decide to charter a private Gulfstream jet

and head over to the island of Guam

I'll pack my aching heart and expensive surveillance

equipment and I'll tag along

'cause I just wanna bowl with you


You're beauty is so striking

Darling I've got love to spare

and I'll try to keep my mind out of the gutter

But darlin' you can set my pins up anywhere


That turn you made up to Reykjavik, Iceland

in the high speed luxury yacht

almost threw me off of the trail

but ah my love what you need to understand

that I will not fail

In what I have to do


And once I get you back here in the states and we're 

enjoying the day at the Bay City Lanes

You're completely free to go about your normal activities

after the beer frame

'cause I just wanna bowl with you


whistle ...


I just wanna bowl with you


Oh How I Love To Fail!

Honey do job, fix the toilet

Who needs directions? Oops I destroyed it

But still I'm smiling

Oh, how I love to fail!


I got passed over, for the promotion

Massive pay cut, and a demotion

But I'm just thrilled to death

Oh how I love to fail!


Success is overrated

Achievement overstated

I've moved to the nation

Of lowered expectations

I take joy in blunders

Pride in being a fumbler

I enjoy a good fiasco


Final golf match, for the trophy

Missed the putt for a quadruple bogey (moron!)

Pump my fist and say Yes!

How I love to fail!




Seems I botch everything I do

No way to avoid it

SInce I'll get blamed anyway

I might as well enjoy it


Gourmet dinner, from my kitchen

But my guests left with botulism

It's just another day

How I love to fail!

Oh how I love to fail!

Oh how I love to fail!



Blow Stuff Up

It all began in June of 1983

We'd stop at roadside fireworks stands in Tennessee

And I'd buy firecrackers, M-80's and stink bombs


When I got home I couldn't wait to try 'em out

But around my house that sorta thing was not allowed

and so I had to wait till everyone was gone

but then ... 


Boom, boom, my old gyms socks

Boom, boom, the mailbox

Boom, boom, my dad's laptop

I like to blow stuff up

Boom, boom, the cordless drill

Boom, boom, my moms treadmill

Boom, boom, The Forman Grill

I like to blow stuff up

Boom, boom,

Oh Boom, boom


At some point, on the small stuff I began to sour

So I found ways to get me some more firepower

Now I've got homemade bombs, C4 and dynamite

and now


Boom. boom, the new flat screen

Boom, boom, the Dairy Queen

Boom, boom, the tambourine

I like to blow stuff up

Boom, boom, the neighbors car

Boom, boom the corner bar

Boom, boom, I've gone too far ...


Well the victims all confronted me in court

That's when I knew that my life would be 

shorter than planned

and now ...


Boom, boom, my feet and knees

Boom, boom, my testicleese

Boom, boom, my face swiss cheese

They like to blow me up

Boom, boom, my arms and hands

Boom, boom , my thyroid gland

Boom, boom, there goes my ass

sailing thru the air

Boom, boom,

Oh boom, boom

Oh, oh, boom, boom



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