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2012 "Reasonably Good"

Belle Isle Rats works of this era are MEDLEY's (a group of songs) and are meant to be listened to as such.

However, if you would prefer to hear them as single songs, please listen on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc ...

Reasonably Good/Freak Out My Cat/Bob Crane Polka/Amway FamilyBelle Isle Rats



Baby, your eyes

are the source of your vision

When the cornea, retina and optic nerve all do their thing

Yeah, it makes me sing


and baby your lips

are a part of your mouth

which then proceeds to your esophagus, stomach

small and large intestines too

Yeah, it's what makes you, you


I've got a heart the size of Rhode Island,

and you've filled it 53 percent


Because it's reasonably good that you're with me

when I weigh the pros and cons of us I see

In all likelihood

That it's reasonably good

I've analyzed the traits of love and found

There's a net gain in having you around

Oh yeah it's understood

That it's reasonably good

You're reasonable good for me


and I think if you do the analysis for yourself

you'll realize that I'm reasonable good for you too


Baby, your long blond hair

made up of 100 thousand individual strands

that grow 2.5 centimeters every month or so

I enjoy how fast it grows


I've got a heart the size of Rhode Island,

and you've filled it 61 percent




My love letters all had asterisks

Tables, charts and graphs

And when I bought you a box of chocolate baby

Oh I ate half, yeah I ate half




I've got a heart the size of Rhode Island,

and you've filled it 66 percent




You're reasonably good for me, oh

You're reasonalbly good for me

Yeah baby

Reasonably good, reasonably good for me ohh

No more charts (no more charts)

Well, fewer graphs (well, fewer graphs)

I'm gonna keep my tables (he's gonna keep his tables)

and I think I love you ... well ...






I took a picture of a mouse

and taped it on the bottom of his food bowl

I modified a laser pointer so that

he could catch the light and take it home

I got some photo statuettes of me and

set 'em up inside his litter box

Surprised him with a hanging footware mobile so that he

could lay and bat my sox


'cause I, I, I wanna freak out my

I, I, I wanna freak out my

I, I, I wanna freak out my cat


I dressed the dog in a tuxedo then I sent him

over with a ball of twine

I do whatever things that I can think of

that are harmless but will tweak his mind


I wanna freak him out

just so he knows that I'm here, and I'm near

and that most of all I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

Yea, yeah, yeah

Just want him to realize

That I'm the one who sees him, feeds him

leads him, needs him

Every day


A cat is a wonderful thing

He fills my emotional needs

and helps me make decisions


'cause I, I, I wanna freak out my

I, I, I wanna freak out my

I, I, I wanna freak out my cat




At first he was a DJ, then in a TV show

With Werner Klemperer and Richard Dawson, in Hogan's Heroes

He then appeared in theaters

in places like Daytona

'till he met his untimely demise

in sunny Arizona

Bob Crane


Raise your glass and knock one back for Bob

Raise your voice and sing "Hooray" for Bob (Hooray!)

Stay up late and hoist one up for Bob

La da da da da da, La da da da

La da da da da da da da





Hey, hey, hey they're an Amway family

Hey, hey, hey they're an Amway family


They smile like freaks and they're pleasant as petunias

but they're gonna hit you up at the family reunion

they ask about Aunt Clare, but they don't care

just want to share, their

product catolog with you

'cause that's what they do


Hey, hey, hey they're an Amway family

They want you to buy, buy, buy something out of their garage

Hey, hey, hey they're an Amway family

You better prepare yourself for a sales barrage


They're all amped up from a rah-rah convention

Now they're out in force trying to compete for your attention

Here comes Uncle Joe, we better blow

He wants to show

us something we don't really want or need

I'd rather hack off a limb and bleed




What can I interest you in today?

No ... uh ... no

I'll do a special deal for you right now ...

What part of no are you not understanding?

Say! Look at the cool stuff I have right here ...



Nutralight, a carb reducer

Day protecting moisturizer

Microderm abrasion system

Alpha hydroxy serum

Athletes foot cream, low dose aspirin

Facial cleanser, Fiber bran

Intensive skin renewing peel

acne treatment lotion deal

New micro exfoliation cloth

Bio drainfree cleaner

3D lifting serum


Tell me what can I write up for you today?




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